A call to all Israeli Students and Professionals:

The 175 Zettabyte

How to deal with the
on-going data explosion?

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Registration closes July 30th

** The predicted global datasphere by 2025

Come and join Bar-Ilan's Faculty of Engineering and Merck, the science and technology company, to take part in this exciting virtual competition!

The Challenge

Merck is exposed to new computing technologies as a large materials player in the semiconductor industry as well as a leading Science and Technology company in Pharma and Life Sciences tools. As part of our activities, we are constantly looking for new materials with improved properties to be used in areas such as microelectronics and computer hardware. We therefore understand well that new computer architectures are needed and can benefit from new innovative hardware and materials development as well as for innovative ideas to enable higher speeds at lower energy consumption.
If you’re a student, entrepreneur or founder and have an idea to tackle this problem, come and pitch your idea at the “175 Zettabyte challenge” on next-generation computing!
Competition will be split into two tracks, a student track (Bachelor, Master & PhD are eligible) and an expert track that is open to all.
In scope: materials and technologies with improved properties to be used in areas such as microelectronics and computer hardware. Solutions can have both HW and SW components
Out of scope: pure software solutions

The Competition

The competition will follow two tracks; student track and expert track. Each track of the competition will have two stages:
Stage 1: Open innovation stage Ideas will be submitted through a dedicated form and will be reviewed by our judges that will select the top 5 participants for the second stage (from each track).
Stage 2: Finalist stage Top 10 ideas will be pitched (5 of each track) to our judges’ panel.

Winner Announcement

Winners from both tracks will be announced, with prizes of 7K NIS for winners (for each track) and 5K NIS for runner up (for each track).


June 30th open registration and sign up for teams
July 30th at 23:59 deadline for submission of forms
August 7th at 19:00 Top 10 projects announced
August 14th deadline for submission of pitch deck
August 20th from 15:00-18:00 Pitches will be presented online to the judges
August 27th Announcement of winners


Competitors can form teams, there is no limit to the number of students in a group.